CSH Skillup

Chair skillup session at the CSH

H3 conda-forge

Conda forge offers effortless installation of various well tested python packages. I am a maintainer of H3 and H3-py on conda-forge.

Datalake for the enterprise & large geospatial data

Reverse engineering old data pipelines ; ) and analyzing huge quantities of spatial data.

Example Project

An example of using the in-built project page.

Music streaming Analytics

Anomaly detection for music streaming royalties

Predictive credit scoring

Individual cost based classification model outperforms classical processes.


PredictR is a fintech startup which turns personal transaction lists into cashflow forecasts. It allows customers to explor their financial future to put life decisions into context. ``.


Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG] is a nonprofit association promoting knowledge about data science. I am a member here and help newcomers find their way into data science. ``.