Mobility analytics

Mobility monitoring in Austria during the COVID NPI

Run the latest version of spark

Execute the latest version of spark on HDP.

Production grade pyspark jobs

Use additional python packages with pyspark

Deterministic scale-out for spark jobs under increased load

Make spark jobs scale reliably using iteration

Parallel aggregation of dataframes

Use idempotency of RDD's to your advantage

Geospatial binning with hexagons on spark

Bring hexagons as efficient spatial operations to spark

data processing

recent history of data processing.

Spark descriptive name for cached dataframes

Display user friendly names for cached table in Spark web UI

Solve data skew issues for array columns in spark

Preventing data skew issues for Arrays.

Ultimate open vector geoprocessing on spark

Combine the strengths from geomesa and geospark for ultimate geoprocessing capabilities on spark