data processing

recent history of data processing.

Spark descriptive name for cached dataframes

Display user friendly names for cached table in Spark web UI

Solve data skew issues for array columns in spark

Preventing data skew issues for Arrays.

Ultimate open vector geoprocessing on spark

Combine the strengths from geomesa and geospark for ultimate geoprocessing capabilities on spark

Analyze OSM data in spark

Analyze the OSM community and extract geometries from the graph.

OSM to Spark

Processing OSM in a scalable hadoop native way.

Headless spark on YARN

Sometimes you want to run a different version of spark than the one offered by your distributor. This is easily possible.

Scaling geospatial data processing in R

Scale out traditional sf operations in R using a spark cluster

Dynamically select columns by type

Dynamically select columns by type in spark

Typesafe data analytics

Increasing convenience & type safety for spark jobs.