📊 Introduction to data science, 2022 DHBW

Focus on the right data
Focus on the right data

What you will learn

  • Qualitative overview about what is data science and some real world use-cases as well as gain an understanding for the data science process
  • Fundamental Python programming skills
  • Reproducible research using git, conda and docker and how to apply them in practice
  • Gain experience with the scientific python ecosystem, from data cleaning to visualization until model training and deployment using MLFlow
  • Understand the importance of data governance and data ops best practices in building data products. In particular gain first experience in pipeline-first development of data pipelines.
  • Learn how to scale your pandas code to big data when required for your use-case

Course overview

The demand for skilled data science practitioners is rapidly growing.

Learn the basics of reproducible research in python and understand E2E process of buildign data applications.

Meet your instructor

Georg Heiler



University of applied sciences https://www.dhbw-stuttgart.de in Stuttgart, Germany (hopefully on-site if COVID restrictions permit)


5th until 8th of December 2022