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Display user friendly names for cached table in Spark web UI

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Preventing data skew issues for Arrays.

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recent history of data processing.

Introduction to processing geospatial data from classical small data applications to big data workloads

Intro duction to processing large quantities of data in R

Moving a draft ML application to a real world production environment can be hard. This talk outlines several tools and strategies to do …



Datalake for the enterprise & large geospatial data

Reverse engineering old data pipelines ; ) and analyzing huge quantities of spatial data.

Music streaming Analytics

Anomaly detection for music streaming royalties

Predictive credit scoring

Individual cost based classification model outperforms classical processes.


PredictR is a fintech startup which turns personal transaction lists into cashflow forecasts. It allows customers to explor their …


Vienna Data Science Group [VDSG] is a nonprofit association promoting knowledge about data science. I am a member here and help …

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Telecommunication providers not only offer services but increasingly finance consumer devices. Credit scoring and the detection of …

Time-series are becoming more and more important in the digitized industry 4.0. from forecasting of sales to increase the profit in …