Big-data analytics @UII 2021

Learn the basics of reproducible big data analytics.



Universitas Islam Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Teaching is taking place remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.


September until October 2021


From the full course Introduction to Big Data I teach:

  1. Introduction to Big Data What is Big data, Types of Big Data, Source of Big Data. Big Data in Practice and industry.
  2. Big Data Modelling and Management Systems After identifying Big Data issues, we will discuss how to collect, perform sampling and pre-processing big data using big data management tools, in particular using Apache Spar and Delta Lake.

Further modules in the course:

  1. Introduction to Technology of big data Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Python.
  2. Machine learning with Big data This topic will introduce machine learning techniques to explore, analyze and leverage data. Some technology and tools and algorithms will be discussed to create machine learning models. The big data analytics will use algorithms that run on Spark with Python. This topic also discusses Predictive Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, and Social Network Analytics.

Projects to gain practical experience are embedded in the above lectures.

Please find the official course website with the overall lectures here: